Vision Bermuda

Helpful Tips

Tips for Independent Living and Home Safety


Organize and Simplify – Keep similar items together (a basket for all TV remotes).  Return items to their original place.  Eliminate clutter!


Technology – Use talking watches, calculators, telephones, computers, etc.


Label for Identification –  Use boldface and large print lettering, Braille labels, safety pins, rubber bands, raised stick-on dots, electronic labels, etc.


Remove Tripping Hazards – Remove throw rugs, low tables, footstools, cords, etc.


Countertop Appliances – Use electric kitchen appliances like toaster ovens, crock-pots, microwaves, and George Foreman-style grills instead of the oven and burners.


Emergency Planning – Be able to dial 911 independently. Clearly identify exits and know how to get out of your home.

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