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Vision Bermuda is a registered charity dedicated to providing information & support to visually impaired individuals, their families, friends & carers. We provide the following services and support:



Where good vision cannot be achieved with spectacles or contact lenses, we encourage you to make an appointment for a low vision assessment. Theresa McMordie, our Vision Rehabilitation Professional will assess your vision and show you how you can use your remaining vision as effectively as possible.


Email Theresa now to make your appointment.



We help anybody with a vision impairment lead an independent and fulfilling life by supporting you with our in-depth expertise, experience and full range of services.


Theresa McMordie, our professionally qualified vision rehabilitation specialist helps individuals adjust to sight loss. Many people who have recently lost their vision, or are experiencing low vision, do not realise that adopting a few simple skills and strategies can enable them to live more independently. We help with all aspects of adjusting to vision loss.


Appointments can be in your own home or at Beacon House in Hamilton, whichever suits you best.



With a few simple techniques and a bit of practice, we can help make everyday living manageable; from working out the correct money in a shop, to using kitchen knives safely or keeping track of appointments, to catching the bus.


We may recommend simple tricks, like using rubber bands to identify and differentiate the contents of a milk or juice carton. Sometimes we introduce our members to helpful technology, like smartphones. We can help find the right approach and the right equipment.


We can help you:

  • Understand your eye condition and learn how to make the most of your existing vision
  • Get ideas, strategies and support by connecting with people who have similar experiences
  • Stay independent in your own home by learning different ways to do daily tasks
  • Use smart phones and computers through use of magnifiers and speech technology
  • Get around safely in your home and your neighbourhood, and using public transportation
  • Read in accessible formats such as audio books



Independent mobility is critical for anyone with vision impairments, but it takes training and encouragement to acquire the skills necessary to get around when you need to. Our orientation and mobility training equips you with the skills necessary to navigate your home, school, place of employment, neighborhood and community efficiently, safely, and as independently as possible. We teach you to use basic body awareness and movement to orient yourself in a space, know where you want to go, and carry out a plan to get from point A to point B. We help you understand your position in relation to other objects; to travel safely indoors and outdoors in both familiar and unfamiliar environments by using sighted guides, white canes, and protective techniques. We help you to understand how to use intersections, cross streets and public transportation safely and independently.


Contact Theresa McMordie, your Vision Rehabilitation Specialist on 292 3231, or by email

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